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Children & Youth

The Bonnyville Friendship Centre offers a variety of programming specifically for children and youth. Our aim is to bridge the gap between aboriginal and non-aboriginal youth, providing a safe environment where everyone can learn together, creating a world in which education leads to acceptance. Everyone in our community is welcome to become a part of our family.

Bonnyville Youth Centre

Bonnyville Aboriginal Youth Centre (BAYC)

The Bonnyville Aboriginal Youth Centre will prepare the next generation to realize their future goals. With a focus on culture, education, leadership, life skills, creativity, recreation, and moral teachings, we can be assured that success will be within their reach.

The BAYC is open to all youth community members ages 10 and up.

Education Week/Workshops

During Education Week, we go to local schools to show presentations on Aboriginal Culture. Our intent is to teach school-age children about aboriginal culture to promote awareness while cultivating a shared understanding.

Summer Camps

Our summer camps focus on developing an in-depth knowledge and understanding of aboriginal culture, sharing knowledge on finding and using traditional plant-based medicine, and providing the first-hand experience with ceremonies and their meanings, aiming to bring everyone together as one family. Summer Camps are offered for children ages 6 – 12.

Bonnyville Summer Camp

Friends for Lunch

The Friends For Lunch program provides healthy lunches to elementary students who too often go without. We understand that it is important for students to have the energy to learn and participate in school; providing a healthy lunch is one way we can set children up for success.

Employment and Work Experience Program

Young people can gain meaningful work experience, gaining first-hand knowledge of the work that goes into running a not-for-profit organization and the value of charitable work. By working together, we can provide our young adults with all the knowledge necessary to grow into successful adults.